As defined by Webster -

Piracy \ n 1 : robbery on the high seas 2 : the unauthorized use of another’s production, invention, or conception esp. in infringement of a copyright 3 a : an act of piracy b : an act resembling piracy.

Since startup in 1987, it was flattering to be told that the INDEX was their “Bible” and the only source to obtain reliable and current information about explorers and producers of western Canada. The INDEX also originated a list of mergers, name changes and assets sales by companies to complete an historical chain of events.

Frustratingly, because of the quality of our data, we are the main targets of pirates who republish the data for profit as their own invention. We have lost valuable current and historical data to these creatures that have little, if any, genius or substance to create or compile their own works.

The INDEX copyright has been confirmed before Honourable Justice E.A. Hutchinson in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta (No.9901-02340) and by a Federal Court Consent. These judgements do little to deter them and their lawyers from honoring the terms of use of our data which increases our publication costs that are passed on to consumers. In fact, with today’s technology, including the Internet that they hide behind, the situation has grown worse.

We seek your help in defending the integrity of our works by inquiring from new suppliers the source of their data. A simple “that’s confidential” reply really means they have authored and researched nothing. The quality of data available to the industry can only deteriorate if piracy remains unchecked.
Thanks for your help - the Publisher