Susan R. Zyba

Managing Director

Shelley Logan

Director of Administration & Research

Sara Bulloch

Director of Marketing


Oil & Gas INDEX was started by Robert (Bob) Elias. His association with the oil & gas industry began in 1950 with McColl-Frontenac Oil Company Limited (Texaco), where he attained the position of manager of land operations in Canada. In 1965 he organized three successful junior resource companies. In 1968, in addition to land consulting, he started the Petroleum LAND JOURNAL which listed available oil and gas rights for disposition by subscribing companies. Over several years, a substantial database was established on companies that carried out exploration and development in western Canada.

The INDEX was conceived in 1986 to provide a directory that focused on private companies and mergers, name changes and asset sales that were not covered by “Nickles”, the leading directory at the time, or any other directory. With the first edition of the INDEX in 1987 (a quarterly publication to have more current information) the coverage jumped from Nickles average of 450 listings to over 3,000 listings. The INDEX is the only original data on the market. To date, there are over 60,000 corporate searches on file accessible to INDEX customers.

As such, the Oil & Gas INDEX has earned the enviable and unmistakable reputation as the most reliable and leading source of data on Explorers and Producers in western Canada.